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PLEASUREMAN discusses the concept of white identity and its problems with Ricky Vaughn on the latest episode of Ricky's podcastlinkthread
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A vast reservoir of previously hidden knowledge and misgendering

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The political asylum

Libertarianism is perfectly logical, as these threads show

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Leonard Maltin's Western Degeneracy Capsule Reviews

Please, if Hollywood were run by Jews, would it be this depraved?

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      22 Apr
    Habakkuk Mucklewrath: Autism Has No Gender

    We have this modern illusion that we should live as long as we can. As if we were each the end product. This idea of the "me" as a unit can be traced to the Enlightenment. And, with it, fragility.

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      22 Apr
    Doctor Sardonicus

    Is there anything a Russian bot can't do? Other than get Hillary elected president?

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      22 Apr
    Saucer Lord

    Destabilizing the USA by working with the russian mafia and a japanese "furry" "Kemono" artist named 'toilet_(M).A.S.T.E.R" who draws school councilors as dragons to promote ethnonationalist values and also having sex with lizards and snakes

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      22 Apr
    Hate Speech Survivor

    I am without question smarter than he is and would easily destroy him on the subject.

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      22 Apr
    WWC: Enhanced Intolerance

    A 50-year-old Jewish man was severely beaten and nearly choked to death on Saturday afternoon after saying “hello” to a black man, who retorted “I don’t like you fake Jews, you stole my money.”

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