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As per the Internet Bill of Rights, you have access to most of the forums here, but MPC is a BLM-designated white privilege zone and you must become white to have a voice. Once you respond to the registration email, someone--no one knows who--must approve your new account. You will then become "white" and your privilege will be instantly assaulted.
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Bitcoins? Gift cards? Money orders? We take them! Click here for more details. Your contributions allow us to fund botnet armies that will downvote the African-American Panther movie while review aggregation site IT staff cry in frustration. MPC is the forum that will never be taken in by wall-eyed Vice reporters promising favorable coverage.


MPC is a zero tolerance anti-racism, anti-homophobia, marriage equality forum. Any attempt at "humor" or "trolling" will be dealt with through insistent twitters, banning, and the filing of complaints with your police department and the Department of Homeland Security. Put simply, you are going down in flames, asshole.

Fat-shaming, gender normative bigotry, and privilege unawareness will be met with legal action. Please ask before assigning pronouns and appropriately trigger warn before relating personal anecdotes.

It's two gay people in love, bigots, get used to it.

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