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Koyaanisqatsi Borkborkcide 11-February 16 358 12 5.66%
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Angel Eyes: Commander of Chaos 28-January 18 486 11 5.19%
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Resident Autistic Fact Checker 21-February 17 866 10 4.72%
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KG: Afrosexological Twerker 01-July 17 1749 7 3.30%
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RexLex Commander of the Chaos 07-April 17 1708 7 3.30%
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Paladino2024: Muh Dick Nationalism 01-May 16 972 7 3.30%
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Jane: Baby Putin-Pawn Authoritarian 04-February 17 3097 6 2.83%
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Jourd'Dib 19-March 16 1396 6 2.83%
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Summer Camp of the Saints 18-May 15 1793 5 2.36%
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Maximus Meridius Demidius 28-April 16 1786 5 2.36%
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Cocaine Mitch 06-May 18 130 4 1.89%
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Cinco Jotas 21-October 09 3579 4 1.89%
THE BUTTFLU 13-January 14 56 4 1.89%
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Jack of All Hates 17-January 16 4739 4 1.89%
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ghostlife 10-August 15 812 3 1.42%
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Augustus: Shark Week and Chill 17-August 17 701 3 1.42%
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Unprofessional Behaviorist 19-April 18 738 3 1.42%
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X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber 28-September 15 730 3 1.42%
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Professional Racist 20-October 15 1279 3 1.42%
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