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Hazmat Harry: Lawful Poz Half-Trans Druid's Photo

Hazmat Harry: Lawful Poz Half-Trans Druid

at least the gypsy acts in his own interest. the swede would burn his house down and mine, apparently, for no sane reason
Today, 08:12 AM
Eichenwald: The Legend of GayStroke's Photo

Eichenwald: The Legend of GayStroke

We're living in a news cycle where credible UFO sightings aren't anywhere near the most interesting story. Sad.
Today, 07:46 AM
Bernie (PBUH) Would Have Won AKA ENJ's Photo

Bernie (PBUH) Would Have Won AKA ENJ

"And if the Marshals arrive at the president’s location to arrest him, the only thing likely to happen is that they would get in a gunfight with the Secret Service." -The Atlantic
Today, 06:15 AM


People have always wondered if Percherons are really larger than Shetland ponies – or if that’s just a stereotype.
Today, 12:16 AM
Tyger of Wrath: Boomer Conservation Ranger's Photo

Tyger of Wrath: Boomer Conservation Ranger

I'm through with Star Wars until the do a Porkins movie
Yesterday, 09:25 PM
washed up child crisis actor's Photo

washed up child crisis actor

Trump previously caused controversy when he held an event honoring Native Americans in the Oval Office last November with a portrait of Jackson in the background.
Yesterday, 09:12 PM
Shrill's Photo


"What Hoggened"
Yesterday, 08:40 PM
Morphy: The Infinity Rapist's Photo

Morphy: The Infinity Rapist

more like "I love the [IQ] 90's”
Yesterday, 07:42 PM
Malthusian Daydream's Photo

Malthusian Daydream

just because he's not a Jew doesn't mean he's not a chisler and a crook
Yesterday, 06:08 PM
WWC: chad carpathian gruesome slaughterhouse's Photo

WWC: chad carpathian gruesome slaughterhouse

That's my favorite character in my favorite fantasy series with metric fucktons of worldbuilding. Badassery abounds in COPIOUS amounts.
Yesterday, 05:36 PM
Professional Racist's Photo

Professional Racist

Aquinas literally chased a prostitute around with a glowing iron rod yelling "you will not get this dick"
Yesterday, 04:08 PM


As we danced at our wedding reception, Elon told me, "I am the alpha in this relationship."
Yesterday, 03:16 PM
Ethnical Mistake's Photo

Ethnical Mistake

Trump needs to pardon Cruz and the Santa Fe Greek guy ASAP so they can team up and finish the job
Yesterday, 03:16 PM
ghostlife's Photo


My disgust is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Yesterday, 12:17 PM
Borrin Goldbags: The Dumbest Man on Television's Photo

Borrin Goldbags: The Dumbest Man on Television

David French struggling to understand conservatives fighting back must be like when Zuck tries to divide by zero
Yesterday, 10:26 AM
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