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Pangur Springs Exults and Kills's Photo

Pangur Springs Exults and Kills

"Any of you fruitcakes got a light?" He said with a smirk he said to the rough and tumble bikers. Tonight was going to be one to remember.
Today, 05:24 AM
Prime Minister Mark Latham (PBUH) AKA ENJ's Photo

Prime Minister Mark Latham (PBUH) AKA ENJ

but in 1910 he worked with both Burnham and then Rep. Robert Broussard to lobby the U.S. Congress to fund the importation of hippopotamuses into the Louisiana bayous to solve a severe meat shortage
Today, 04:39 AM
  • Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide's Photo
    Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide
    that would have been hilarious and would probably rival the introduction of negroes and kudzu to the american southeast and the introduction of cane toads to australia as one of the most boneheaded importations of foreign species ever
    Today, 05:13 AM
Deportation Savant's Photo

Deportation Savant

the more haaretz i read, the more convinced i am that israel will expel the jews
Today, 03:42 AM
Finnish Myrmetic Warrior's Photo

Finnish Myrmetic Warrior

the japs have their issues but they're probably the most relatable of the inscrutable slanteyes
Today, 12:57 AM
  • Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide's Photo
    Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide
    i dunno, paracletus from radio free skyrim seemed pretty relatable
    Today, 01:29 AM
Saucer Lord's Photo

Saucer Lord

SJW Takedown compilation on IMAX grafted into the side of a beached whale covered in rivulets of sewage, fatmen chant praise harambe far off
Yesterday, 11:52 PM
WWC: THOTcriminal Prosecutor's Photo

WWC: THOTcriminal Prosecutor

if you add up the first letter of every bible passage and divide by the number of names of god you get "eat shit goyim", and that's why suffering exists
Yesterday, 09:37 PM
Deportation Savant's Photo

Deportation Savant

trying to start socratic dialogues on liberty with stoned community college students with stuff like "WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH SEAT BELT LAWS???"
Yesterday, 09:07 PM
Counter-Imperialism Generalissimo's Photo

Counter-Imperialism Generalissimo

i want to send my daughter to mpc girlpoaster day care where she'll learn feminine things from CBP, lifts from Pangs, mysticism from WR, and occasionally a touch of sociopathy from Gwerks
Yesterday, 07:03 PM
  • Weimar Republican's Photo
    Weimar Republican
    I'd be honored.
    Yesterday, 10:14 PM
Pangur Springs Exults and Kills's Photo

Pangur Springs Exults and Kills

Godwin is dead
Yesterday, 06:52 PM
  • gf14888's Photo
    Godwin is dead, and we have murdered him! Must we not now become insufferable Usenet shitlibs, to become worthy of this great act?
    Yesterday, 07:04 PM
Terrence Rhine's Photo

Terrence Rhine

We were going to change the world. Hell, we WERE changing the world. Then the hook up with Moby came. All of a sudden these dazed out hippies with good intentions did not know which way to turn. For the first time in their lives, they were dealing with a true (consummate) professional. That consummate professional's name was 'Moby'.
Yesterday, 05:26 PM
Christine Gwerkstein's Photo

Christine Gwerkstein

That consummate professional's name was 'Moby'.
Yesterday, 05:21 PM
Chuck Cervative's Photo

Chuck Cervative

Having regular e-periods over Internet Racism
Yesterday, 04:26 PM
dain's Photo


for it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a wagecuck to enter heaven
Yesterday, 03:43 PM
nil's Photo


Where did Elliot Rodger come from? Let me explain, as a half Asian son of a White Nationalist myself
Yesterday, 03:25 PM
Karl Bridges's Photo

Karl Bridges

Rye Whiskey Rye Whiskey Rye Whiskey I Cry, Or I Will Surely Die...
Yesterday, 03:16 PM

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