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The bigots better get used to it: Amazon Prime drones are going to deliver life-saving HIV medicine directly to gay people. And for every Amazon Prime free trial sign-up, MPC gets $$$pAiD$$$.

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WWC: Somali City Alderman's Photo

WWC: Somali City Alderman

hope is hotter than Ivanka come at me
Today, 10:13 AM
CBP: Pathetic Little Nazi Turbovirgin's Photo

CBP: Pathetic Little Nazi Turbovirgin

I'm sucking dicks ... I'm making awkward sperg speeches . . . I'm touring bathhouses . . . I'm Adolf-Skywalker-ing, which is a full-time job.
Today, 08:18 AM
Dr. Sleep's Photo

Dr. Sleep

If the political class is unable and unwilling to manage the antics of Antifa and Jason Kessler, what are they going to do when smart and resourceful antagonists come along? The morons waving flags and throwing piss-bombs at each other are the easy problem to manage. The hard problem are the well organized guys with goals beyond getting themselves on TV. As I’ve said many times, Trump was a warning shot. The political class better get serious in a hurry.
Today, 06:31 AM
Dr. Sleep's Photo

Dr. Sleep

Kike Hernandez, on 21 November 2016 - 10:59 PM, said: At some point Trump will disavow people like Spencer and the butthurt from certain corners of the internet will be YUGE.
Today, 05:53 AM
dain's Photo


Are you unfamiliar with tranny notation?
Today, 05:45 AM
Dr. Sleep's Photo

Dr. Sleep

It should be added that, from now on, former associates within the Alt-Right movement of Europe and North America ought to consider any interactions with me as diplomatic relations with a representative of the coming post-Islamic political order of Iran and the wider Persianate world.
Today, 03:41 AM
Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide's Photo

Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide

Remember when 4chan released chlorine gas at a furry convention? I'm not saying it would be right if somebody did this at a Spencer event, but I am saying it would be hilariously ironic.
Today, 03:17 AM
Dr. Sleep's Photo

Dr. Sleep

Today, 02:17 AM


America will be so powerful we will simply have nukes in our enemies' cities and tweet "I wish you would" regularly.
Today, 01:25 AM
Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide's Photo

Kneel Before ZOG: handcrafted artisanal genocide

TRS and Spencer have screwed the pooch so many times it's a wonder Common Filth hasn't made #WhiteNationalistsFuckDogs bumper stickers.
Today, 12:34 AM
GF: Dunning-Krugerrand speculator's Photo

GF: Dunning-Krugerrand speculator

Today, 12:20 AM
Pangur Springs Exults and Kills's Photo

Pangur Springs Exults and Kills

Staying in jail IRL is a pretty nigger strategy though.
Yesterday, 10:38 PM
Ralph Trollinger's Photo

Ralph Trollinger

That's the problem. The people in this movement who have any talent or abilities are terrified of being doxxed. We've left things in the hands of charlatans, goons, and ex-anarcho capitalists.
Yesterday, 10:34 PM
Old Bullycides's Photo

Old Bullycides

Get F'd Alt Left
Yesterday, 10:32 PM
Malthusian Daydream's Photo

Malthusian Daydream

I've always wanted to get a chink perspective on Clausewitz
Yesterday, 10:13 PM
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