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Community Status Updates

Ethnical Mistake's Photo

Ethnical Mistake

They are old petulant, spoiled children whose parents should have put noticeable scars on their faces.
Today, 12:03 AM
Ethnical Mistake's Photo

Ethnical Mistake

I really liked how concise Starship Troopers was, there just plain wasn't time for weirdo sex shit to happen
Yesterday, 11:31 PM
TEO: Anti-Semitism Frog's Photo

TEO: Anti-Semitism Frog

it's like Jimmy Stewart dropped acid
Yesterday, 10:52 PM
Food Court Lynching's Photo

Food Court Lynching

The trick of DS9 is the casual viewer thought the Ferengi were the Jews, but the galactic brain viewer knew it was the Bajorans all along. The Ferengi were just Space Italians.
Yesterday, 10:17 PM
Chuck Cervative's Photo

Chuck Cervative

Things needed for revolution: Hot pockets Warm clothes I guess Phone chargers (be sure to bring EXTRA)
Yesterday, 07:16 PM
Kurt Hentaichenwald's Black Kung-Fu Son's Photo

Kurt Hentaichenwald's Black Kung-Fu Son

people need to understand that not sucking off a tranny is the height of cissexism. you are hetero? you are "straight" (whatever that means)? ...the girlcock will go in your mouth, and you will be grateful
Yesterday, 06:53 PM
dain's Photo


SHE is strong. SHE is independent. SHE will lead us. NIGGERS: You OWE us a vote for BRIANNA WU.
Yesterday, 06:43 PM
Food Court Lynching's Photo

Food Court Lynching

and between niggers and white women, you now have the majority of democrats involved
Yesterday, 06:24 PM
CBP: Biomechanical Rape Exoskeleton's Photo

CBP: Biomechanical Rape Exoskeleton

I won't be surpised that one day we all will learn that the entire #Resistance was a paid Russian psy-op to hype up the actual capabilities of Russians
Yesterday, 05:51 PM
Trevor Goodchild's Photo

Trevor Goodchild

In the middle of life's passage, I woke up to find myself fending off a simultaneous sexual advance and shrieking physical attack by a type of protoplasm gifted with rudimentary speech and studded all about with bits of stray metal and hideous primitively gewgaws, its skin written all over like a devil's palimpsest.
Yesterday, 05:19 PM
Ethnical Mistake's Photo

Ethnical Mistake

puppet Yoda and Luke watching as the Force Tree burns was like a metaphor for Jew Jew Abrams and Rian Johnson deliberately burning down the franchise as fans scream in anguish
Yesterday, 04:23 PM
Hazmat Harry's Photo

Hazmat Harry

apparently the whole point of spending two movies getting Luke to come back was so he could prank the Imperials with a Force hologram
Yesterday, 04:19 PM
Shitlord HR Rep's Photo

Shitlord HR Rep

George W. Bush was the numetal President
Yesterday, 03:51 PM
Doctor Sardonicus's Photo

Doctor Sardonicus

the prequels make you want your money back, but the new trilogy makes you want to :killjews:
Yesterday, 03:48 PM
Cecil Haverford's Photo

Cecil Haverford

BBC Stories will be talking to British families and exploring the differences between first and second generation immigrants. It will delve into the cultural nuances that shape their relationships. In the first episode we meet a Ghanaian father who has only recently come to terms with his son's criminal past.
Yesterday, 03:37 PM
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