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Amazon Prime will soon deliver your AIDS medicine using drones
The bigots better get used to it: Amazon Prime drones are going to deliver life-saving HIV medicine directly to gay people. And for every Amazon Prime free trial sign-up, MPC gets $$$pAiD$$$.

Already have Amazoid Prime? You can still give back to this gay-friendly cyberpunk samizdat forum by visiting Amazon using this referral link to buy video games and Lego sculptures THEY'RE LEARNING TOOLS, DAD. Jeffrey P. Bezos has personally approved all content on this site.

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Summer Camp of the Saints's Photo

Summer Camp of the Saints

I kissed a gif and I liked it...
Today, 12:26 PM
Krauss's Photo


I'm not racist, I have a maladroit hapa son!
Today, 12:01 PM
dain's Photo


if humanity were a produce section zuckerberg would be from a failed refrigeration unit
Today, 11:06 AM
Gwerks: Jared Kushner of the Alt Right's Photo

Gwerks: Jared Kushner of the Alt Right

zuckerberg's face looks like those deep-sea cucumbers
Today, 10:56 AM
Mohel's Midnight Snack's Photo

Mohel's Midnight Snack

they’ve retired “Somali-American” for the more palatable “Minnesota Man”
Today, 07:55 AM
dain's Photo


"Anime—indeed, even anime porn—has done more to advance European civilization than the Republican Party." -- Richard B. Spencer
Today, 05:11 AM
  • X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber's Photo
    X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber
    And that's why we call the GOP 'the Stupid Party.'
    Today, 09:24 AM
Alcofribas Nasier's Photo

Alcofribas Nasier

"Hitler massacred three million Jews," he incorrectly stated (in fact, 6 million Jews were killed). "Now, there are 3 million drug addicts [in the Philippines] ... I'd be happy to slaughter them."
Yesterday, 11:48 PM
Eternal_Return's Photo


According to a new biography, former President Barack Obama "considered gayness" in his college years before ultimately deciding on a more "challenging" heterosexual lifestyle.
Yesterday, 11:29 PM
TEO: Anti-Semitism Frog's Photo

TEO: Anti-Semitism Frog

I'd like to see a remake of All The President's Men where Nixon and his aides are the heroes and Woodward/Bernstein/Mark Felt are the villains (just like real life)
Yesterday, 11:13 PM
  • X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber's Photo
    X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber
    Nixon did nothing wrong. Oh, wait, yes he did. He didn't shoot the press.
    Today, 09:23 AM
Malthusian Daydream's Photo

Malthusian Daydream

as Norman Mailer said, between stabbing wives
Yesterday, 08:27 PM
Cena Spook's Photo

Cena Spook

It doesn't explain why a heterosexual lifestyle would be more challenging, but I assume because the fact is that Obama is a gay nigger.
Yesterday, 06:56 PM
Saucer Lord's Photo

Saucer Lord

Yesterday, 06:41 PM
Krauss's Photo


There shouldn't be free "long term" birth control (there shouldn't b any ) ... why would you want to "stop" teen pregnancy? Your body wants to get pregnant at that age , that's what should be happening. There is no point avoiding/delaying what is natural so they can go get there brains ZOG'd learning Queer Studies from Dr Fagjew at univ
Yesterday, 06:34 PM
ghostlife's Photo


PMAN not BAMN ok
Yesterday, 03:57 PM
Bear-Spray Mithridates's Photo

Bear-Spray Mithridates

and basically now that I've written this out I want to kill myself for poasting about a forum about a forum on a forum about forums
Yesterday, 03:43 PM
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